Please read the following. It may clear up any questions you may have regarding your order:

We are a small local wig shop. We process orders as fast as we can. See Shipping Chart for shipping cost.

Most orders ship out in 2-3 business days. We will not guarantee any specific delivery date. Reminder that business days do not include weekends or holidays.

The name on the credit card bill will say "Baron Unlimited" and not wigs. Please make a note of it so you will recognize the charge when it appears on your statement.

We ship in a plain package and our return address says "Baron Unlimited" and nothing about wigs since we sell a lot more than just wigs. We ship via the US postal service. This way we can deliver to PO Boxes. We will not ship UPS or FedEX.

Sorry, we do not offer COD.

If you absolutely have to have something by a certain date, Text (707) 992-5111. Please include your name, physical address, and exactly (product name and color) of what you'd like to order. Please be specific. We are unable to answer a non-specific question such as: "Can I get a wig shipped to me by Friday."

We do have a RUSH service, but it takes 3-5 days and is expensive. A RUSH order means someone has to stop what they are doing, process the order, run your wig down to the post office, wait in line, and mail it out. Rush fee is $39 for the first item and $5 for each additional item. In other words, if you order 5 items it would be an $39 for the first one and then 4 x $5 for the additional items for $59.

Sorry, we will not ship Fed Ex if you give us your account number, so please do not ask.

The shopping cart automatically adds the shipping and handling based on the price of the total of your items. It is not based on the actual cost of shipping. We will not reimburse you for any amount you pay over the actual cost of mailing your item, nor will we charge you more if it costs more to send it to you.

For more information on shipping cost, please read Shipping Chart