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Printed on a white 100% cotton t-shirt. New design created from a vintage cigarette ad. Ronald Regan when he was an actor. The print says: My cigarette is the MILD cigarette...that's why Clever is my favorite. Ronald Reagan starring in "The Voice of the Turtle" And a photo of the owner of Clever Cigarettes (done vintage style) with the words: Why I smoke Clever Cigarettes (from a series of statements) Hans Clever chooses only quality ingredients and the richest flavors. After much searching, he found the best e-cigarette: one he is proud to put his name on. "I have been smoking more than 25 years. Clever is a good, mild e-cigarette with more real tobacco taste." Owner of Clever Cigarettes, Petaluma, CA. ABC. Always Buy Always milder Better tasting Cooler smoking.