Can I return a something if I don't like it?

Why is there a charge to return a wig?

We do take returns on synthetic wigs with a 25% restocking fee. However due to health laws, items shipped outside the USA and items shipped within the state of California will receive store credit or exchange only, no refunds. Other states within the USA have a choice of refund or exchange.

We do not take returns on human hair products, toupees or hairpieces, tapes, clearance items, or grooming products such as brushes, shampoo, etc.

We understand that a 25% restocking fee may not seem fair or that it is some kind of a rip-off companies make up just to get more money. This is far from true.

Although it's time consuming, we clean and sell the wig at a discount. See clearance pages. The restocking fee helps cover labor and the amount we discount the item. It is not a money making scheme. In fact, we usually lose money on returns. We take returns to give our customers the option of not being stuck with an item they won't ever use.

Do you ever wonder what other companies without restocking fees do with their returned wigs? Do they resell them as new after someone had it at their house trying it on, setting it down who knows where?

A restocking fee also tends to deter a type of "stealing" where someone needs a wig "one time" and figures they can just "borrow" it and then return it and not have to pay for it.

I want to return a wig and reorder on the web so it will get here faster. You can do it this way if you choose. Then it is two separate transactions: an order, and a return--not an exchange. Exchanges are processed differently.
If an items is damaged when I get it, can I exchange it for something else? If an item is damaged we will replace it with the EXACT color and style of the item you ordered. You cannot exchange it for something else. This is to prevent someone from claiming damaged goods when the real reason is they don't care for the style and want to get something else.

What do you do with wigs that are returned? Do you resell them? When a wig comes back we may sell the wig for a reduced price on the clearance wig pages. They are clean.See clearance page.
I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order? You may cancel your order if it has been processed and not shipped but you will only get store credit and not a refund. Please make sure it is what you want before placing the order. All returns/exchanges/cancellations made AFTER the order has been shipped will result in a 25% restocking fee with no refund for any shipping and handling. Please read the return policy