Ordering (Also see: ORDERING FAQ.)

We do not offer a call in ordering number. You may order via the internet using the shopping cart system, or by mailing in your order with a credit card number or Money order. We do not accept orders via email. We will not guarantee any specific delivery date. If you are having problems with the shopping cart, please feel free to use our "fill in"secure order form. To mail in your order please use this MAIL ORDER FORM page.

It is best to completely finish shopping before submitting your order so that your shipping will be calculated on the entire order at one time. We will not be able to credit you for added shipping costs by combining two or more orders placed one after the other. In other words, if you submit an order then decide to buy something else and go back and submit a second order, it will be submitted as two separate orders by the computer system. However, the items might be shipped in the same package.

Before you check out, please make sure the colors and amount chosen are correct before submitting your order. If you email us right way when you discover an error, we can probably make the changes. Once an order is place, if you decide to cancel after the order is processed, you will receive store credit and not a refund. Please make sure it is what you want before placing the order.

If you decide to cancel the order after it is placed, we will give you store credit and not a refund. Your store credit will begin 3 days after the cancellation and will be valid for 6 months. Unused store credit will not be refunded or extended.

When you hit the "Place Order" button, the merchant system automatically puts an "Authorization" hold for the amount of the funds. If you check your statement, it looks as if we have already charged your card, even though we may not have accepted the funds. This hold confuses a lot of people because they assume we have already charged them when we have not.

If what you ordered is out of stock and we void your order, the funds may not reappear for 14 days. We cannot do anything about this time frame or refund you because we do not have the funds. They are on hold until your bank releases them.

Purchase Orders, CODs and Checks are not accepted except by local customers. All payments must be in US Dollars. Baron Unlimited accepts VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal for all on-line purchases. For mail in orders, we also accept US money orders. Orders will include sales tax only on shipments in California.


We ship via USPS inside the US and abroad and deliver to APO and PO Boxes. On RUSH orders, we will only ship to the current billing address where the card holder receives the credit card statement.

The shopping cart automatically adds the shipping and handling based on the price of the total of your items. It is not based on the actual cost of shipping. We will not reimburse you for any amount you pay over the actual cost of mailing your item, nor will we charge you more if it costs more to send it to you.

Shipping is free for orders over $100 if it is being shipped to the USA. If an item is on backorder, you may choose to substitute for another item to keep the order over $100. However, if you cancel an item, thus putting your order under the $100 minimum, the invoice will be modified and the free shipping is voided. There is no added charge to you if we ship a backorder separately. To find out what shipping will be prior to ordering, add up your subtotal and find where it falls on the shipping chart.

Since we do not deliver the packages personally, please do not leave us delivery directions such as "leave package behind front steps." There is no way for us to tell your local postman these instructions. Your package will most likely be left in your mail box.

Please make sure your address is complete and correct: including apartment or suite number. If your package comes back due to an incomplete address, we may charge a reshipping charge of up to $6.99 ($13 out of USA.) If the error is ours, there will not be an additional charge.

Most orders ship out in 3-5 business days, but please allow up to 12 business days for complete processing and shipping time for your order. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

We do not offer overnight shipping. We will not guarantee any specific delivery date. We do have a RUSH service for US orders, but this may still take 3-5 business days, so we do not recommend it. It is $39 for the first item and $5 for each item added.

Product Availability Policy

Baron Unlimited makes every effort to provide current stock status. In spite of these attempts, items listed on the site may occasionally fall on backorder. When a product or color is out of stock we may choose to send you a similar or better quality item for the same price (unless you specify that you do not want a substitution) or your order will be placed on back order. An item placed on backorder is shipped as soon as it becomes available from the manufacturer. No added shipping is added if we ship the backorder separately.

If, for any reason, your item has not shipped within the specified shipping time frame, we will notify you of this delay via email. At that time you will be given the option to either cancel your order, or allow it to remain on backorder. No backordered item will be kept open beyond 30 days without the consent of the customer.

A reminder: Shipping is based on the total of your order. Shipping is free for orders over $100 if it is being shipped to the USA. If an item is on backorder, you may choose to substitute for another item to keep the order over $100. However, if you cancel an item, thus putting your order under the $100 minimum, the invoice will be modified and the free shipping is voided.

Returns or Exchanges (Also see:RETURN/CANCEL FAQs.)

Synthetic wigs may be returned for refund or exchange with a 25% restocking fee. If you are doing an exchange, a $6.99 shipping charge will be added if item is shipped within the United States. Exception: California orders receive store credit only. International orders receive store credit only.All product returns must have a Returned Merchandise Authorization issued by Baron Unlimited. Please include the RETURN FORM with your return, or copy the form information on a piece of paper and include it with your return. All returns sent to Baron Unlimited MUST be shipped back via the US postal service within 7 days of receiving and be in their original condition. Returns will be processed and fully inspected after they arrive. Shipping, Handling and RUSH fees are not refundable.

Some items are not returnable: Hairpieces, tape, grooming supplies (shampoo, brushes, heads, holders etc.) grab bag wigs or clearance items, hats, human hair items, or items past the allotted return time. Baron Unlimited will NOT credit you for unauthorized returns or exchanges. Packages without a Returned Merchandise Authorization and the return form (or equivalent) will NOT be credited. If you send back an item without Returned Merchandise Authorization, or beyond 30 days from the day of receiving the item, you will NOT be credited and thus agree to either pay a $6.99 reshipping fee for us to ship the item back to you, or you may choose to forfeit ownership of the item and receive no refund or credit of any kind. The item then becomes property of Baron Unlimited with no compensation to you. In other words, you must get authorization before shipping back any item and the return must be postmarked within the required time.

If you originally paid by credit card, you MUST include the same credit card number on the return form in order to receive a credit. For your added security, WE DO NOT KEEP CREDIT CARD NUMBERS IN OUR OFFICE DATABASE. If you paid with a money order or are in California or out of the USA, or do not include your credit card number on an exchange, you will be given store credit for the amount of the credit.

If a product is defective or incorrect, will send you a new one of the exact same product in the exact same color you ordered and will also send you a slip with postage paid for the return of the mistake. We only do exchanges on defective/incorrect products. If you want a refund or different product or color instead, there will be a restocking fee as if it were a regular return.

Authorization for returns may be requested by contacting us. Please include the person's name listed on the order and what you'd like to return so that we may look it up. Credits will be posted back to your card within 14 days of receipt of return.

Restocking/Cancellation Charges (Also see:RETURN/CANCEL FAQs.)

You may cancel your order if it has processed and has not been shipped but you will only get store credit and not a refund. Your store credit will begin 3 days after the cancellation and will be valid for 6 months. Unused store credit will not be refunded or extended.

Please make sure it is what you want before placing the order. All returns/exchanges/cancellations made AFTER the order has been shipped will result in a 25% restocking fee with no refund for any shipping and handling.

We understand that a 25% restocking fee may not seem fair if you just open the package and see that the color isn't what you had hoped. However, do you ever wonder what other companies do with their returned wigs? Do you ever think you might be buying a wig someone else wore and returned?

To avoid this issue, when a synthetic wig comes back, we clean it and then sell the wig for a reduced price on the clearance wig pages. The restocking fee covers labor costs and the amount the item is discounted. This way you are not stuck with something you will never use. We also want to discourage people from "borrowing" a wig for free (buying it, wearing it once, and sending it back.) If you have concerns about color choice, you may want to mail us a snip of your hair prior to ordering.

Merchandise/Pricing/Other Info

Merchandise is sold as new unless it is a clearance item. Clearance items may have been worn or tried on, and that is why they are being sold at a discount. However, the items are clean and in a near new condition unless otherwise stated in the description.

Baron Unlimited reserves the right to cancel any order place on a product posted to the site in error or has errors contained within the product descriptions, including pricing.

All communication is done via email.

We have no call in phone number for ordering.

We have no printed catalog.

We do not purchase hair or used wigs from individuals.

We will not "hold" items for you without payment or answer questions about an item being in stock without an order on the item in question. In other words, please do not ask us if something is in stock. Once you place the order, we will let you know if it is out. At that time you have the choice of a refund or substitute for another item. This is because we deal with several manufacturers and have no way to keep real time inventory. Since we are open 24/7, an item may sell out between the time we tell you it is in stock and when you order.

We offer a 10% discount for orders over 20 pieces of the same item (such as hairpieces for a dance team) if paid with a Money Order.

Purchase Orders, CODs and Checks are not accepted except by local customers. There is a $30 fee for returned checks or charge backs resolved in our favor.

We strongly advise not to test the web site with false orders, as it will result in substantial, personal legal risk. It is a violation of the law to orders under a false name or with an invalid credit card. Baron Unlimited has a sophisticated Fraud Control system that screens for suspicious orders, which are subject to investigation and possible cancellation. For your protection, credit card orders may be delayed while screening takes place.

Persons who commit fraudulent activity will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Web browsers transmit a unique address that can be used by law enforcement officials to identify fraudulent activity. Both the FBI and the US Secret Service are responsible for investigating Internet fraud cases. Fraudulent information will be provided to the issuing bank, shipping carriers, and networked with our business partners.

All workers are US citizens located in the state of California.

NOTE: Ask questions prior to ordering. If you are unsure about matching your color, send us a hair sample prior to ordering. California orders receive store credit only.

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