I went to the link that was include in the receipt email and there is no information on if my order was sent. It doesn't look like anything is happening? What's going on? That link is something Yahoo Stores (our shopping cart provider) adds to the receipt email. We don't use that link to update your order so it is basically useless. All your information is stored inhouse in our database. We have tried to find a way to keep the link from being added since it confuses customers, but it is hard wired and we cannot delete it from being added. Please ignore it. It means nothing. If you have a question about your order please Contact us and include your order number so that we may look it up.

Do you have a phone number? Can you call me? I want to talk to a real person. Our customer service people telecommute (work out of their homes) so we do not offer a call in number. All workers are US citizens located in the state of California. No one wants their home phone number listed on a website for strangers to call at all hours of the day and night. To insure their privacy, all correspondence is via email. Someone answers emails several times a day (except maybe on the weekends or a holiday). There is a real person behind the typing who will do their best to help you with your questions. We won't send you canned message.
When do you charge my credit card? When I order, or when you ship the wig? When you hit the "Place Order" button, the merchant system automatically puts an "Authorization" hold for the amount of the funds. If you check your statement, it looks as if we have already charged your card, even though we may not have accepted the funds. This hold confuses a lot of people because they assume we have already charged them when we have not.

If you cancel the order before we accept the funds, the funds may not reappear for 14 days. We cannot do anything about this time frame or refund you because we do not have the funds. They are on hold until your bank releases them. PayPal is pretty good about releasing funds quickly.

I changed my mind and would like to cancel my order. If the order has not been shipped, you may cancel the order. If it has already been processed, we will give you store credit instead of a refund which won't be good until 14 days later. This is because the bank puts a hold on the funds. So please make sure you want to order BEFORE you hit the "placeorder" button. When you hit the "placeorder" button, the merchant system puts an "Authorization" hold for the amount of the funds. See above.
I chose the wrong color. I just noticed it right after I submitted my order. How do I change it? You won't be able to correct this from the website after it was already submitted. Contact us as soon as possible. If the order has not been shipped, we can manually change the color for you in our database. This may delay processing of your order.
The form is gone. After I ordered, I hit the back button and the order form was gone. After you enter your credit card information, you cannot go back to the previous page. This is a security feature so someone can't come along after you and use your computer, hit the back button, and see your credit card information. If there is something you need to change on the order form: address incorrect, color incorrect, etc. Please email us as soon as possible. We can manually change the information for you in our database.
I got a blank order when I checked out. Nothing was in my cart. How come? You have to click on an item's order "button" BEFORE you check out. If you don't add anything to your cart, there is no order to process.

Also, you might have had "cookies" turned off in your web browser which will keep the system from "remembering" what your ordered and thus give you an empty basket.

The Shopping Cart System confuses me. Can I just fill out a form, call you or email you? You may fill out a form on our secure server and bypass the shopping cart system. Form is located at "" You may also mail in your order. We have no call in number for ordering.
I went to check out and I didn't see anywhere to type in what I wanted to order. Clicking on an item only lets you see the bigger picture. It didn't add the item to your basket. You have to click on the "order" to add the item.
What do I do if I don't have a credit card or don't want to send it over the internet? We do take PayPal. Or you can mail in your order by sending a US Money Order.
Do you take checks? Sorry, we only take checks from local customers. No exceptions. We do take PayPal where you can pay with your bank account.

You can mail in your order by sending a US Money Order.

Where is my order? It's been 12 days. It is rare that an order takes more than 5-9 business days to get to you. However, the site says to allow up to 12 business days. Make sure you are not counting weekends or holidays as a "day". Twelve business days roughly works out to about 2 1/2 weeks. We normally ship out in 3-5 business days, depending on the volume of orders or if the item is in stock or if is due to come in in a day or two. Then it is another 2-5 days for the post office to get you the shipment. If it has been longer than 3 weeks, your order may be lost in the mail and you'll need to contact us. Orders out of the US usually take about 3 weeks.
Do you give discounts for larger orders? Do you sell wholesale? Yes, if you are wanting 20 or more of the SAME item--like for a dance team. Then we will give a discount if the order is paid for by Money Order. Otherwise, prices are as listed on the website.

The reason we don't give added discounts if you purchase more is because we feel it is unfair to the people who can only buy one or two a year. All of our customers are equally important. The items are already discounted no matter how many or how little you purchase. You do get a break on the shipping cost by buying more at one time.

How do I know if what I want is in stock? After you place the order, we will let you know if it is out. We won't be able to tell you before you order. This is because we deal with several manufacturers and have no way to keep real time inventory. Since we are open 24/7, our stock changes by the minute, there is no way to predict if we're going to have something in a particular color the moment you order. We may have sold the last one minutes before you order, or they may have just come in, or are due to come in. Chances are we will have it. If you go ahead and order, we'll be able to tell you at that time. We are rarely out of stock.