Wig Wash non-soap Fiber Cleaner 8 oz.
This concentrated formula will leave your wig clean and full of body. It is specially formulated to gently, thoroughly, clean synthetic fibers: removing hairspray, make-up and the dull residue left from soap based wig shampoos. Odorless clear formula rinses clean. No returns.
Anti-Static Synthetic Fiber Softener 8 oz
8 Fluid Oz. Works great for straight or curly synthetic wig fiber. Takes out static and frizziness. Adds softness and protection. Doesn't leave a residue. No returns.
Leave-in Soft Curl Conditioner 8 oz
Good on curly synthetic wigs and hairpieces. Puts the soft curl back in and takes the frizziness out. Will leave your synthetic wig soft and silky. Comes in 8 oz. spray bottle. No returns.
Metal Travel Wire Wig Stand - 2 left
Metal wire wig stand that folds flat. Great for travel and drying your hairpiece after shampoo and conditioner. No returns.
Suggested Retail Price: $6.75
Web Site Only Special: $4.99
Suction Headstand and Head
Styrofoam head with a detachable suction stand to hold it to the table. Set includes one suction stand with one head. No returns.
Wig Head Clamp
Plastic clamp. Holds your wig heads securely to a table during styling. No returns.
25 T-Pins. Great to hold wigs firmly to wig heads while storing or styling. No returns.
SIX Hair Caps
Holds your hair securely and flatter to your head. Comes 6 to a set. It's best wear a color closest to the hair color of your wig. No returns.
Suggested Retail Price: $12.99
Web Site Only Special: $5.99
SIX Net Wig Caps - SALE
One net wig cap. Holds your hair in place under a wig. It's best wear a color closest to the hair color of your wig. No returns.
Suggested Retail Price: $17.99
Web Site Only Special: $9.99
Elastic Replacement for Inside Wig
One set elastic with hooks to replace worn out adjustment elastic on a wig. You would cut the old elastic off and sew the new on. If we are out of your color choice we'll send another color, but since it is inside the wig at the nape, it shouldn't show under any color wig when wearing. No returns.
One DOZEN Wig Combs  SALE
Small 1 1/2 inch wide combs. Use to sew onto wigs or hair pieces to help hold in place. Since they will be sewn on the underside of a wig and most of the comb will be inserted into your hair, they shouldn't show under any color wig. No returns.
Suggested Retail Price: $11.99
Web Site Only Special: $7.99
This item is currently out of stock!
1 DOZEN (12) toupee or wig snap clips (1 1/4 inch) SALE
PNE of each selection left. These can be sewn into wigs or toupees. Helps hold it securely to the head by gripping the hair underneath. No returns. Clearance sale! Get them before they are gone.
Suggested Retail Price: $24.99
Web Site Only Special: $9.99
Set of Two - Toupee tape 1 " wide
Double sided tape to hold wigs or toupee to skin. 1" wide. No returns. You get two rolls.
Two Hair Styling Picks
Hair lift comb. For styling wigs. Comes 2 to a set. Separates the hairs of the wig for a more natural look. Can be used for soft backcombing or for lifting at the roots without messing up the style. No color choice.No returns.
TWO Large Wooden Wig Brushes
Large wooden brush for brushing wigs, with rubber knobs at the end of the bristles. For styling wigs. Note: Never brush wet wigs. No returns. You get a set of two.
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99
Web Site Only Special: $7.99
Lipscarf  - SALE
Long scarf. Lip print. Only 7 left.
Suggested Retail Price: $12.99
Web Site Only Special: $7.99
Face Lift Tapes Temporary Face Lift
As seen on The Drs TV Show. This really does work! This simple to use tape and thin elastic system is secure and comfortable enough to wear all day. It will lift sagging skin, eliminate wrinkles from your face, neck jaw, and eye area, like a face lift. It does not show under your hair or wig. It is ideal to use for special occasions, weddings, reunions, modeling, portraits, costume parties, theater, etc.

Includes: 2 adjustable bands that lift the face. Includes 15 facelift tapes that attach to the bands.

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
Web Site Only Special: $14.99