They're made to be played with!
They are guaranteed to take it.
They're designed to work with your individuality!
They're all that and FUN too!!!!
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All Zannedelion Cuffs are designed to allow you a Custom fit by making all parts safely moveable and bendable. They are made of 18 and 24 gauge 14 Kt. gold-filled or sterling silver wire. The highlight of these cuffs is that they are very adjustable due to their design and how wonderfully pliable twisted wire is. Every ear is different and these earcuffs allow for that. The twisted wire piece, referred to as the "design" portion of the ear cuff can be safely and easily adjusted with just your fingers to the angle, size, length and width of your ear. The the cuff portion also affords the wearer the advantage of adjusting for comfort in wearing. You can close the ring tighter if it feels too loose to you or open it more if it feels too tight - above all THEY DON'T NEED TO PINCH.

Directions: Start at the top of the ear, where the cartilage is thin and slide the cuff all of the way onto the ear at the opening in the cuff. (Holding your ear taunt with one hand helps this.) Then slide the cuff down to the middle of your ear, while simultaneously turning it toward your face. This helps guide the cuff over the bump in your cartilage and to drop into canal. A test of whether it is on correctly is to pull the cuff to the side (horizontal with your shoulders) - if you feel resistance - it is on correctly. If it comes right off - you guessed it!

If you find they ache after a bit of wear, they are on too tight. If that happens, give the opening a little pull by hooking your fingernail around it from the back. Once you have a comfortable fit for you, sliding it off the way you put them on will make sure you keep it. They can and should be so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them.

The "design" portion is strung to the cuff so it can slide around the cuff horizontally. This feature lets you choose where the piece best fits on your ear. If you prefer to outline your ear or let the piece sit further into the ear for the multi-pierced effect. If you have a favorite stud that you never take off, Zannedelion Cuffs can be adjusted to surround it!

 Cuff ring and piece Cuff ring and piece with stud

Earcuffs can be ordered HERE via this website.