• We have NO printed catalog to mail you.
    We update the website often. A printed catalog would be outdated and be expensive to maintain. To show a printed photo to a friend or client who does not have internet access, feel free to print pages off the website.
  • We sale retail only.
    A 10% discount for an order of 20 pieces or more of the same item, such as for a dance group, is possible if paid for by money order. Otherwise, prices are as listed on the website.
  • We do NOT buy hair.
    You might try hair salons who do extensions. Or donate it to Locks of Love (888-896-1588 info@LocksofLove.org,) a non-profit organization that makes hairpieces and wigs for needy children.
  • All correspondence is via email or text.
    Our support staff telecommutes (they work out of their homes in the USA) that is why we have no call in number for ordering or questions. The texting is through Google Voice. If you do not hear back within 48 hours check your SPAM filter. If it is not there, please email or text again. You may have entered your email incorrectly or may be over your limit.
Text: (707)992-5111
Or Email via the form

Baron Unlimited
825 Liana Ct
Rohnert Park, CA 94928