Adding a Scrunchie to a Claw Clip

hairpiece hair extension If a hair piece doesn't match your hair exactly, you can add a bow or scrunchie to hide where the piece connects to your hair. I suggest using a slightly lighter shade rather than a darker shade when using this method. hairpiece hair extension
hairpiece hair extension Wrap the scrunchine around the middle of the clip. You might have to wrap it twice if it is too loose. Tuck the cloth into the teeth of the clips. Make sure you don't use a thick scrunchie or it will interfere with the clip closing completely. hairpiece hair extension
hairpiece hair extension Connect the hairpiece to you hair by clamping the claw clip around your own ponytail.

Pull the scrunchie up to fill in between your hair and the hairpiece, thus looking like the scrunchie is holding your hair in a ponytail.

hairpiece hair extension

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